These lemon-powered video harassment sagas make me want to shoot a parody in which I guide my audience through the miniscule issues that only I would notice in my 200,000 mile Protege5. A bulb has gone out and now my gauges are hard to read in the middling light of sunset. BUY MY CAR BACK MAZDA! » 4/19/14 5:35am Today 5:35am

I disagree. Car design favors additive elements as afterthought; such as lights, mirrors, instruments, and displays. When these are too well-integrated, you get designs like the YF Hyundai Sonata's headlights, the late F-body Camaro's mirrors, or the dashboard from a C4 Corvette (pick one). » 4/17/14 2:14pm Thursday 2:14pm

I'm surprised you said of this car, "Interior space is great." I rented one and was horrified at how cramped it felt compared to the previous Mazda3 and my own Protege5. Are all the contemporary compact hatches as horrible as this suggests to me? » 4/09/14 11:57pm 4/09/14 11:57pm

"A lemon lawsuit was filed against Tesla on Monday, and it was accompanied by a totally bizarre video featuring a cardboard cutout of George Clooney. Tesla declined to comment at the time, but it's hard to keep them from talking back. They just put up a blog post, and it's got some pretty strong implications." » 4/09/14 11:47pm 4/09/14 11:47pm

For best results, do it yourself. If you've cleaned your own car just twice, you already know a lot of nooks and crannies the body shop will overlook. Either way, you're still going to be finding little cubes of the side window glass for the entire rest of the life of the vehicle. » 4/09/14 2:58pm 4/09/14 2:58pm