Okay, cars are already a lethal weapon. That much is admitted by the report itself, but what isn't a lethal weapon? Any hard thing I can hold in my hand is a lethal weapon, more-so if it provides me a longer lever arm when swinging it against an intruder (home defense coffee table, anyone?). » 7/20/14 12:27pm Sunday 12:27pm

If the other guy had stopped almost anywhere before the impact happened, the oncoming truck would have had a chance of clearing him. It was not an unreasonable expectation that the turning truck would be looking for other traffic on the highway. The oncoming truck's other choice was to definitely hit the turning… » 7/18/14 3:45pm Friday 3:45pm

I hope the cargo area isn't as awful as the current Mazda3's. My Protege5 has sturdy plastic walls and a carpet that stays put over a lifting shelf with organizing compartments beneath, and a low lift-over height. The Mazda3 has flimsy cardboard walls, upholstery that won't stay in place, and no compartments beneath. » 7/16/14 2:45pm 7/16/14 2:45pm