Ever notice lately how the quality of Gizmodo articles have been edging upward? Perhaps you read io9 or Jalopnik? If you pay attention to who writes the articles you enjoy so much, you'll notice all the authors that pissed you off with sensationalized headlines, sloppy editing, and poor interpretation of statistics, have been rounded up and assigned to the nebulous and loathsome non-category called Sploid, the "blog about awesome stuff."

At first, I didn't notice that I'd been redirected to a new blog (about awesome stuff), because the terrible writing was familiar enough. However, when I wised to the game, I noticed that the links to the inferior articles all had "read on Sploid" or some such tell-tale in the greyed out by-line. "Perfect!" I thought. "Now I know how to not go there."


Now I notice that the helpful warning is gone, replaced by the less forthright statement, "Shared a post by..." informing you that you're about to go read the words "hilarious," "ridiculous," "brilliant," or "awesome" as typed by Jesus Diaz or Casey Chan.